When the Veil is Thin


Q: What do you do when the veil is thin?

A: Perfect question for Halloween weekend! Halloween (Samhain) has long been considered the time of year when the “veil” is thinnest. But what is the”veil”? How and why is it thinner now than any other season?

The “veil” isn’t a literal boundary between the physical and spiritual that waxes and wanes. I think of it as a shift in perception that easier in some circumstances than in others. You can’t point to it and say “there is the spirit world”. You can’t pull out a map and put your finger on where “heaven” is located. I think “the veil”  is a lovely, poetic way to describe the distinction  between the “normal,” five senses, work-a-day way of thinking and the “paranormal,” mystical, intuitive experience. So there is no literal separation … no “veil” at all, really.  I also believe that we all posses the ability to use intuition, at any time. Anyone can feel mystical, magical, and have the kind of emotional, intangible experiences that you might describe as “the veil being thin.” Still, in my experience, this time of year really is more conducive to that perceptive shift.

That ease of sensing subtle energies has long been associated with the time between the Fall equinox and Winter solstice. I have no answer for why that is. Is it the end of the growing season? Is it our agrarian ancestry and a deep, genetic, evolutionary connection to the change of seasons and survival? I wonder if our southern neighbors notice any thinning of “the veil” in October specifically (early in the growing season for them) or if it is thinner at the end of their natural growing season than it is now. I’ve posed that question to the wonderful Roseline from Feng Shui Steps (I highly recommend her blog) and will let you know her opinion. Either way, it seems to be a normal thing. The thin-veil feeling is part of some natural cycle that makes it easier for us to shift our attention and notice our esoteric sensitivity. For whatever reason, there is something about this time of year that makes it easier for us to sense the winds and shadows of the intangible.

But still doesn’t answer your question. What do you do when the veil is thin?


Treasure it.

Take in the experience.

Abide with what you feel and what you learn.

Be at Peace and in a place of Light.

Be Brave.




In Memoriam D.G.C.

October 30, 1995