Halloween – Check!


Hope you had a good Halloween – Here’s the after holiday scoop:

  • Fangirl SQUEE…New Menage A Tarot episode “Pick A Card, Any Card”.  In this episode instead of talking about Tarot we actually grab a deck and work with Tarot, drawing a random card and giving our take on the card. Listen at www.MenageATarot.com, iTunes, Stitcher or TuneIn.
  • The Halloween rush is over – so my schedule is wide open for e-mail and video readings. YEP! Video…it is up and available, and you can select it as a way to connect on the order form on the “Get A Reading” page right now.
  • The YOUTUBE channel, such as it is, is up and running too. The plan is to build a catalog of video reading examples like we did before with the e-mail examples. Same deal as before. You get a free reading in trade for your permission to use a no-name version of the reading as an example. Follow the blog with that button over on the right side of the page ——> or follow me on Twitter to get the announcement when the freebies are available. If nothing else, the youtube channel will show everyone why I’m a writer and not a media personality. But if I suck at this in the beginning, then there is no where to go but up, right? Please subscribe and watch the learning curve unfold!
  • Will be adding more items to Quirk & Flotsam for the holiday shopping season. Give a moment of peacefullness with meditation beads, how to meditate e-book, digital and physical copies of #PeaceTarot and more.