Wearing the Happy Helmet Can Drain Your Batteries


Back in the day, I used to watch MTV. Remember Ren & Stimpy?  It has an odd humor to it. It’s not to everyone’s taste, but the Stinky Whistleteeth rendition of the Happy Happy Joy Joy song is still worth a chuckle in my book.

In the cartoon, Stimpy makes Ren wear the “Happy Helmet” inducing a like-it-or-not compulsively smiling happiness. Great, right? Ren destroys the thing with a hammer.

I’m with Ren on that one. Wearing the Happy Helmet all the time will drain your batteries.

The Ten of Cups’ definition of happiness isn’t the constant maniacal euphoria and total positive-only  experience some would have us believe is the ultimate goal in living a spiritual life. Life isn’t like that. It is both good and bad, positive and negative, light and shadow. Lucky for us. It takes both for life and nature to work. If there is nothing but darkness we can’t see…but if there is nothing but light we are just as blinded.

The “happiness” in the ten of cups can better be described as comfort and contentment. Things may not be perfect, but neither are they all bad. Things are what they are, we are who we are, and we are content and comfortable with the world as it is…THAT is the kind of happiness the Ten of Cups represents.