Funky Mojo Is Afoot


I don’t often read much into it when cards are reversed. Reversed to me is perfectly fine to the person across the table. At any given moment, a card is both reversed and not. So it seems arrogant to me to put the readers point of view above any other or to arbitrarily change the meaning of a card based on how it flops on the table. The easy solution is obviously to take all the card’s aspects…positive, negative, upright, reversed, what-have-you, into consideration all the time anyway.

Our feelings and intuition are the real power and impetus of any reading. The cards are just the tool, the springboard, the portal to using that normal, natural, innate intuition. When reversals come into a reading, I let feeling guide the way in dealing with them. Sometimes they look bright and light in my mind’s eye, and clearly the reversal is not a factor. I turn those right side up  right away and go ahead with the reading as normal. Sometimes they look and feel a little more ominous, so I leave them upside down  to my view in case the reversal offers some background context. Sometimes once you get into a reading, a reversal can indicate resistance, blocked or slow-moving energy rather than an outright flip-flop of a card’s meaning. Reversals can add to a reading more than change it.

Which is exactly the case today. And, no doubt, it was one of those cases where the message was as much for me as for anyone reading the blog….maybe it’s just one of those funky mojo energy days where the message is for a lot of us. I don’t know. I’ll leave that for you to decide if it applies or not.

That being said, although I’m not a practicing “witch” per se, certainly not of the ritual or theistic type, but I do have a fondness for the magical way of looking at life. That fondness includes reading Scott Cunningham’s book, where he often has said “the feeling is the power” (emphasis mine).

Or as Joss Whedon wrote for Jayne in “Firefly”. Sometimes things just “disturb my calm”. If you are interested in Tarot, even more so if you work with tarot and intuition regularly, you may be more sensitive than average to ruffles in energy around you. There are reasons why “psychic” and “sensitive” often go together. If you are sensitive to intuition and energy, it pays to know…or at least try to know…when the things you are feeling are your own issue and when they are just your psychic antennae vibrating along with the winds and tides of energy around you. Some days are just out of sorts. Some days are strength turned on her head. The feeling is the power, yes, but we don’t always have to give feelings more power than they warrant. The trees are just fine, even when the wind makes a spooky sound blowing through their branches.  You might feel like your strength has been turned upside down by circumstances, but strength is still there. Your feelings may be thrumming in response to other people’s anger and anxiety, but stay strong, even in a headstand. Funky mojo may be afoot, but given a little time it will walk on by.