(not a) Storm Warning

Q: I just took another look at the reading you sent. Do you think the ***** card is a warning not to get involved with ****** ? 

A: No, not at all.

For a couple of reasons – Like I always say, any given card in any given layout position can give different shades or “flavors” or meaning: advice (something to think about doing), cautions (something to think about avoiding), validation, reassurance, etc.

Sometimes it can be a mix of flavors (like mocha is coffee and chocolate) which is the case for you. It is your choice whether to get involved or not, but if you do, the advice is to go into it heads up and eyes open, look at the situation realistically while the caution is to avoid letting starry-eyed hopes and emotions get the better of you, as painful as realities might be. Getting too caught up in your vision of how you wish things would be can put you at risk for being hurt by the way things actually are.

While on very rare occasions a card can give a red-lights-and-sirens, no, don’t do that, run for cover kind of feeling, MOST of the time the cards are like a storm watch, not a storm warning. Yeah I know – call me a nerd but here comes yet another science analogy.

The Tarot card really is a little like the weather report if you think about it. A “watch” means that conditions are right for a certain thing to happen, like a tornado. A watch is a heads-up. It is a chance to prepare and make contingencies for the storm if it happens, and then when the watch ends it lets you know that it’s safe to move ahead with your usual routine. Tarot is like that. It gives you a heads up so you can make your choices and minimize the damage if the worst does come to be despite your best efforts…and it can give you advice to make the most of your usual routine if the the worst doesn’t happen.

A weather warning means that the ___ IS already happening or is unavoidable…it IS going to happen. Warning means a tornado is on the ground, get to the basement like yesterday. Tarot isn’t like that. Tarot doesn’t definitively predict.

Tarot can give you a tv-police “bolo”…be on the lookout…but it can’t give you a storm warning. It may seem like a hair-splitting difference, but I think it is an important one. Like James Carville said “I’d rather affect than predict”. Or better still,  like Ben Franklin said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

So no, this isn’t a warning not to get involved. It is a weather watch, not a storm warning. To stay safe, keep your eyes open. Be prepared to talk, communicate, have the difficult discussions and make the tough decisions if needs be.  If you feel the wool being pulled over your eyes and you start getting swept up in pie-in-the-sky gooey emotions, then it’s time to run for cover. Prepare, yes, but the real choices are up to you and ******. There is a chance the weather could lead to a rainbow as much as to a storm.

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