This is a Tarot Website – part 2

This is a Tarot Website part 1 … Q&A “Will I keep this job for 6 months”

Q&A reply: I appreciate your opinion, but I still want a Tarot card. After all, this is a tarot website. 

A: You are in a position of guiding and advising other people. What would you tell someone in this hypothetical situation…

A person goes to a health food store or herbal shop and asks for a supplement they had seen on TV. The experienced herbalist there says that particular herbal blend is not right for their situation, but gives them a dietary change for free that would likely help them much more. What would you suggest to that person?

  1. Consider the expert’s advice, then follow it or not as they choose
  2. Reject the advice and find another place to buy the supplement
  3. Demand the TV supplement anyway – after all it is an herbal shop.

Now, what should an ETHICAL herbal shop owner do?

  1. Sell the inappropriate supplement – money is money.
  2. Stand by their best judgement and allow the customer to make their purchase elsewhere.

Make sense?


My apologies if this seems a bit snarky to any of you. I wish I knew some way to share how the energy around this kind of question feels – rather like dealing a child’s foot-stomping temper tantrum for the umpteenth time. After the “this is a tarot…” thing, I wrote this whole post with Monty Python’s “this is an ex-parrot” sketch playing in the back of my mind.

“Always look on the bright side of life” – Monty Python