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Q: I recently started my first job as a *****. I had hoped it would be a long term and stable position. Recently there have been a lot of disappointing changes and the job has not met my expectations which makes me feel gloomy and hopeless.  I want to continue as a *****. Will I stay at this job 6 months or more?

A: You’ve essentially answered your own question when you say that you want to continue in your career as a *****. Tarot would be able to help you to make choices about your career path, but you’ve already done that. The rest falls to your choices, actions, logic, and the real-time situation.

Tarot really can’t help with this. Whether you stay in this job is entirely up to you to decide, not for Tarot to predict! It is just pure pragmatism at this point. Do you want to stay where you are or do you want to look for a new position? Are you willing to move or relocate to find a new job or is it more important to stay where you live now? What is the job market like where you are for your field? Do you need to update your CV or do anything like that in order to say in this type of work? You know already know what you want to do, now it is just a matter of figuring out the nuts-and-bolts logical details about how to do it.

The one intuitive point that really struck me about your question is the part about expectations. Few things unfold exactly as we hope or envision. Expectations often blind us to the things that are. If you set aside those old expectations, how do you feel? Focusing on old expectations is a recipe for gloomy. Owning your feelings, making choices, taking reasoned actions, being content in the here and now is a good way to dispel those kinds of feelings.

Good luck in your job planning

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