Turn of a Friendly Tarot Card

Q: Do you you use any particular card layouts when you do a reading?

A: Now THAT is a topic for discussion…as it turns out, that is the topic of the next episode of Menage A Tarot. Kate and David have fantastic ideas to offer (as always) so please grab the free subscription to the podcast from iTunes or watch here for the links/announcements when the new episode goes live.

For me, here, the card layouts do play a big role in the reading process. Like I said in the podcast…I’m of an age where the word “MacGyver” is a verb…so all the card spreads here are ones I either re-tooled to match a more contemporary point of veiw, or created outright. Making card spreads is a time-honored tradition. Well, not so much a tradition as just what we Tarot readers do. It is a little like the way hockey players bend and tape their sticks to suit their individual style of play so they can be at their most comfortable and confident. We choose and tweek card spreads in a way that makes us at our most comfortable which in turn gives you the best possible reading.

Here is where I do things differently…

Most readers charge per period of time and flex the layout used or number of cards turned to meet the learner (seeker, sitter’s) need. I did it that way too, in the beginning. It drove me straight up the nearest wall. That’s why I flipped it. I charge per card, and flex the amount of time I spend to meet the need of the situation. It works better for me, and averages out over the long run to be about the same anyway.

Also, that was the thing I never liked about getting readings back in the day. I guess I’m just control-freaky enough to want to have an idea about how much I’d be spending on a reading in the end. With time based pricing, it’s hard to say what the end cost will be (especially with old-school phone psychics whose bread and butter was drawing things out and lavishing you with their time…and you in turn lavished them with your money). I like having time and money separated. I’m more comfortable with the notion that I don’t have to watch the clock, and that you have the confidence of knowing your total reading cost up front before we start. It’s odd compared to the rest of the industry, so to speak, but hey, it works for me. Hopefully for you too.

So do I use a particular layout…yes, the one YOU choose. It makes you part of the intuitive process, makes lots of layout choices available to you, plus leaves you in charge of how much you spend on a reading.

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Menage A Tarot artwork by Kate Fisher, used with permission.