Paint it (not) Black


It always feels good to get the annual anti- “Black Friday” rant out of my system ( so back to business.

Being the day after Thanksgiving and a vacation day for the rest of the family, “business” in this case comprises eating leftover pumpkin cake for breakfast. And getting my elf on making holiday presents. Which in turn is pure fun for me, so I guess it is an all – out vacation day…BUT writing a Tarot reading counts as making in my mind SOOOO…

E-mail readings are wide open all holiday weekend! If you are interested, don’t hesitate to get one! 😀

After I finish up my family & holiday making agenda then production turns to making a bunch of new meditation beads for Quirk & Flotsam. Found some nice buys on beads over the past few months, so it’s time to turn the brainwaves into real stuff….which is exactly what Tarot does all the time. It takes the brainwaves sparked by the cards and turns them back around into usable advice and guidance. Hence my theory that intuition, imagination, and creativity all go hand in hand. Imagination isn’t a child’s plaything…it is a very grown-up tool for inspiration, growth and productivity.

But first things first….back to the cake. Have a great weekend everyone!


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