Every Monday is CyberMonday here


It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since we were talking about the holidays as the 600 lb gorilla in the Tarot reading room on Menage A Tarot. Now we have a whole new episode that has nothing to do with the holidays …it’s all about card layouts. So if you need a refreshing break away from the mad shopping frenzy , here is the place...www.MenageATarot.com.


David is a genius at editing, but even at that, I babble. So if the episode peaks your curiosity & you want to learn more about on the card layouts here on Modern Oracle Tarot…here is the page about “What card layout should I choose?”  for a reading.


I’d thought about plugging “Quirk & Flotsam” as having some sort of cyber Monday thing. Truth be told, it just didn’t feel right … so if you want cyber-refuge from the whole cyber-monday, cyber-frakus…visit the shop and you’ll find the same serenity-intended stuff as every other day of the year…meditation beads, how-to ebooks, and assorted hand crafted stuff. Stop by often, not just cyber-today…you never know what you might find.


While I personally don’t celebrate Christmas per se, I’m all about Yule, Pule, Winter Solstice, Xmas, Festivus, the Pastafarian Holiday, Chrishannukahramakwanzadan….in other words it’s time to celebrate light, life and all we hold dear. And bake cookies. In-person reading appointments are filling up fast, but e-mail readings are always available, no appointment needed


You are online now, anyway, so why not surf on over to Menage A Tarot or Quirk & Flotsam? I promise a little peace and quiet and conversation. That is how every Monday is a quiet cyber Monday refuge around here.

Happy Holidays!