Essential Aces


Aces have been making themselves known these past few months. In September, the Ace of Wands was a daily meditation, then all the aces of course figure prominently in yes/no readings, which were in the special offer limelight all October.

My reflex at seeing the Ace of Wands again today was “Yeah! Create stuff”. But enough of that rant. The energy for yes/no readings has cycled through, this time of year is more over-arching and big picture than that. This is the time of year for new years and larger card spread readings. This is the time of year for naval-gazing and deep-thinking. Long winter nights and cloudy winter days lend themselves well to introspection.

So what to do with our friendly little Ace today? Back in May, I did a set of posts about the minor arcana aces. Today seems like a good day to revisit the “Essence” series.

  1. Essence: The Aces
  2. Essence: The Ace of Wands
  3. Essence: The Ace of Swords
  4. Essence: The Ace of Coins
  5. Essence: The Ace of Cups



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