Q&A: Specific Questions in a Tarot Reading


Q: Can you ask a specific question in a Tarot Reading? Do people ever ask about about their careers or love lives or one particular thing?

A: Sure! All the time.

Believe it or not, I’m really from the “there is no such thing as a bad question” school of thought. I know I harp a lot on the ‘no predictions’ thing – that’s only because Tarot can do so very much more. All you need to unlock that vast storehouse of insight and guidance is to ask a question – any question – that isn’t handcuffed to a prediction or hog-tied by expectations. Even if someone asks a prediction-only question, it is easy enough to re-word it into something equally specific but more workable. If I ever re-word a question I’ll always explain how & why I changed it. By far, most people are OK with the minor changes because it makes the reading more helpful in the long run.

In other words, specific is good but prediction-fixated isn’t.

Over the years, I’ve gotten all sorts of question & reading requests, ranging from “anything” to “will I win my court case next Tuesday” and everything in between. Open readings, the “whatever I need to know” or “am I on the right path” kind are always fun because they can take some of the most surprising and interesting turns. But specific is fine too. Often specific questions is where Tarot is at its healing best. When something specific is on your mind, or if you are dealing with intense emotions, Tarot can ease those difficult times. Feeling trapped is one of the most stressful things we can experience. While Tarot can’t tell you what will happen and remove our natural fear of the unknown, it can very much show you new possibilities and options. Tarot can help you find creative solutions that ease that nowhere-to-go kind of stress.

To go back to the gps analogy for Tarot, accidentally driving down a dead-end alley is stressful. Tarot can help direct you back out of the alley and through the neighborhood to where you want to go, which is fairly specific guidance. It is also very stress relieving guidance. The gps is equally good at open highway driving, letting you know you are still on the right route to where you want to go. Tarot can give a broad overview, too, which is very reassuring guidance.

78 cards x positions in the spread x number of meanings per card x general type of message x overall pattern all raised to the power of intuition is a LOT of flexibility. A Tarot reading can embrace a wide range of specificity. In skilled hands those 78 cards can throw their arms open wide or thread a small needle whichever is needed.


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