Q&A: What is a Tarot Wand?

Q: I’ve seen “tarot wand” mentioned in some posts and books, but they weren’t talking about wand cards. Do you know what a “tarot wand” is?

A: Hi ****

I have no idea. You are the first person to mention it. The only Tarot Wands I know of is the suite within the deck.

After reading your email, I google snooped a little bit. I wonder if the references you saw were talking about ritual magick rather than Tarot per se. The most information came up with a Google Scholar search with the term “tarot wand”.

I found a few references to alter set-ups that used multiple wands as part of a ritual to cleanse and dedicate a new Tarot deck. One of the wands in the alter arrangement was specifically the “tarot wand”. I’m not knowledgeable about magickal wands and alter work like that. Finding a witch or someone willing to share that kind of information might be your best next step in learning more. If I’m understanding the information correctly, sometimes if someone practices magick (when I use the k, it’s to distinguish religious practices like wicca from ordinary stage magic) and they work with Tarot a lot, sometimes they will have a special dedicated wand just for use with Tarot somehow.

Tarot and magick have often been lumped together, especially by those more fearful than knowledgeable. Both have been underground and counterculture, equally disliked by the religious mainstream…but neither depends on the other. Just because a person works with Tarot doesn’t automatically mean they are a witch and vice versa. Although I will admit, in my recent flirtation with deck-collecting, Ellen Dugan’s Witch’s Tarot is rapidly becoming my favorites.

That’s not a lot of information, but hope it helps a little.

Keep us posted if you find anything interesting! Thanks – R.