Taking Good Tarot Advice


I used to teach Tai Chi.

One thing I learned from the beginning in martial arts is that the true masters are life-long learners. Because I started training as an adult with fully intact cynicism, I figured that was just a way to keep the parents & kiddos coming to class after their first belt exam.

Then I learned. And keep learning.

As we advance in any skill, be it martial arts or be it Tarot, we always learn. Lao Tzu was right…stagnation is death. The subtle part of it is that our teachers change. First you have an upper level belt running the warm ups but showing by example that people really can do all those push ups. Then you learn from the head teacher. Eventually, you not only learn from the teacher but from the form and art itself. And books. And colleagues.

The same is true of Tarot. If you read for others as a business, I highly recommend this list of exceptional colleagues and their advice from Theresa Reed at www.TheTarotLady.com

There are some real gems in this list. I going to use a number of them. Stay tuned. Learning = getting better. My learning is better readings and customer service for you. That includes the beginner lessons in how to read Tarot for yourself. Good learners make better teachers too.

Like they say, watch this space.