Q&A: 2 of Wands and Soulmate

Q: What does the 2 of Wands mean in a reading about my soulmate?

A: That will vary a bit depending on the size of the layout, the 2 of Wands position withing the layout, that position’s meaning and so on.

As with all the cards, there are a wide variety of interpretations for any given card. Not knowing all the other details, working with pure intuition, I feel drawn to the meanings that have to do with potential, being on the cusp of something, watching…it feels a little like keep your eyes open, you may be on the verge of something good. If you look on the RWS card, the man is looking off to the distance. Looking at that I ‘hear’ (meaning the intuition comes as words instead of images) to “keep your wits about you”… don’t go all girly squee over hearing that you soulmate might come into your life. There is a sense of distance, as if there is a bit to wait yet or it is someone you have yet to meet. So be patient, and stay you. There is a sense of stay your usual, calm, together self. Getting too focused on romance or getting too focused / frustrated with waiting might shift your energy in a direction less attractive. Stay you. Be your best you. Don’t force it, and let soulmate come over the horizon in his own time and on his own terms. Be you. Get your own happy groove on. That energy feels as if it would be more attractive than a kissy-kissy or a woe-is-me lonely energy. by a long shot.

Best wishes to both of you.