Sun Rise


Merry Solstice everyone!

This is one of those rare occasions when I pick the card deliberately instead of randomly, simply because it is so appropriate for the day.

I’ll admit, the solstice is one of my favorite parts of the winter holiday season, because it is inarguable. It is a literal, real-world manifestation of the cusp, the overlap, and harmony between science and spirituality and transcends above any petty differences. It is a peacemaker in its universality and in its detachment. No one group owns the planetary orbit. No one group dictates the solstice. Instead of holiday for the rest of us, it is an observation for everyone.

The solstice is an astronomical fact. It is science. It is earth’s orbit and planetary tilt relative to the orbital plane. No belief, no war-on-solstice, no argument. It just IS.

At the same time, this moment in the year is adorned with deep symbolism and draped with all the best of the human spirit: life, light, birth, rebirth, generosity, light, hope, courage and more. It is a triumph of human spirit over the darkness, a spark of humanity persisting beyond the shortest day.

Whatever other holidays you may or may not celebrate, I wish you a day of happiness and contentment in this time of natural beauty.