Zombie Cat’s Crazy Crap Predictions: Festivus 2015 edition


I’m really, really REALLY terrible at Youtube.

If you want to see my try at doing yes/no readings in a vlog post, the horror show is up on youtube here. Zombie Cat is is a good mascot for these early attempts while I learn to do this youtube thing all the kids are doing on the tablet machine. You remember Zombie Cat from the post back in April?

But anyway…

Here’s the summary:

“Will Donald Trump win the Republican Nomination” – no aces = NO (whew!) but possibility to change (NOOOOOOOOO!). It’s telling that all the non-ace cards showing were from the suite of cups, the suite of love, intuition, close relationships, romance and so on. I think this is a huge hint to focus on what is important in life rather than the hate and bluster being put out by this particular brand of politics. The mental image is tempest in a teapot…shelter in a place of love with the ones you love and who love you back.

“Will the Steelers do well in the post season?” – one ace = NO, with little chance of change. Darn it.

“Will the Pens win the Stanley cup in 2016?” – one ace = NO with little chance of change. Double Dang it. Wishing Dupuis all good health. Blood clots suck.

“Will we all have a happy prosperous new year?” One ace = NO with little chance of change. Awwww crap! I was afraid it’d show that…and full on expecting it. Welcome to reality. Crazy crap predictions is a good name for this. It’s not going to be a perfect year…none of them are. It won’t be utopia for absolutely all of us. Life is too varied and uncertain. Will it be a good year? I think it will. I think it is important that the card showing front and center is the Moon. Diane Morgan reads it as “spiritual journey” while Ted Andrews associates it with the balance and cycles of nature. If we are in harmony with our spiritual side and find some balance and harmony with nature and the natural cycle of things, then we can have a good year no matter what happens. Winds may blow, politicians may blow hard, hard times may or may not come…but the inner world is always ours to choose and always just as perfect and happy as we can make it.

Wishing you a very Merry Festivus, Happiest Holidays and a new year filled with an abundance of all good things.