Zombie Cat’s Crazy Crap Predictions: Prom Wear

Q: Dear Zombie Cat,
When will my son finally be potty trained?
Signed Tired of Pull-ups

A: You son will be potty trained exactly sometime between tonight and his first date. Luckily, Pull-ups are not the hottest trend in prom wear. Unless he starts dating someone preternaturally attracted to cellulose and Monsters Inc. which is way more worrying than date of potty training.

According to Web MD, the average age of potty training for boys in the U.S. is 39 months (some more, some less, but overall I think that’s figures to be about 13.2 years in in parental seems-like time).

So hang in there, any big concerns call up the pediatrician, and be glad we are no longer in the cloth diaper era.

Luv(s) to all

Zombie Cat


Zombie Cat is a character inspired by an episode of the Menage A Tarot podcast and Shrodinger’s famous thought experiment. Have a question for Zombie Cat? Leave it in the comments below. The answer will be a public blog post, so nothing too personal or steamy, ok? Zombie Cat’s predictions have a 50% chance of being completely wrong, a 75% chance of mild to moderate sarcasm, and a 99% chance of light entertainment.