Itchy Card Fingers

I have the itch to do some more Zombie Cat “predictions” just for the fun of it…but can’t think of any good questions to look at or do yes/no readings about…any suggestions? Leave them in the comments below if you do. Appreciate it.

While you are thinking about it, you can listen to the new Menage A Tarot episode “Pop Culture Tarot” where we look to the cards to help us figure out what is what with current events and trends in pop culture.

If you want something more personalized & practical than a Crazy Crap prediction, “Seasons of the Year” readings are $5 off until Jan 4, 2016 when you order by e-mail HERE.  The “Seasons” reading gives you advice or thought or theme for each of the four seasons in the upcoming year, plus a card for the year as a whole. It’s the just-right card spread for this time of year. Here is an example.


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