Zombie Cat’s Crazy Crap Predictions: The Moocher


Q: When is my step-son going to stop depending on his parents to completely support him? He’s 27.

A: Unless somebody has a time machine, or knows something about biology that I don’t…if he’s 27 that means his parents are over 21 too. Everyone involved is an adult, and this has to be settled like adults – which can mean anything from a talk over coffee to an episode of Judge Judy and the season opener of Dr. Phil.

The Tarot card that comes to mind is the 4 of wands. It is usually read as a happy-family & strong foundation kind of card, but I also get a sense of “deep roots” and “foundation” … for the problem. The roots of this goes waaayyy back and it might be hard to make a new start of setting boundaries, enforcing boundaries, and blunt, honest communication – for everyone involved. Are you one of the parents being depended on? If you are, and you perceive this as a problem, yeah, it needs solved. Communicate, set limits, let everyone know what you need to happen tell people what you intend to do and stick by it. Getting a professional opinion in addition to one from an imaginary animal might help too, if things get extreme.

If you aren’t being mooched off of, then it is their problem to solve…if indeed there is one. That is only for the adults involved to decide if this is a problem or not. I kind of get a little bit of a “judge not lest ye be judged” vibe off of this for some reason, for somebody or another in this.  Or as Zombie Cat might say, you can’t sniff out the tasty brains to eat if you stick your cute little kitty nose in other people’s sh….erbert. Yeah. Sherbert. I like mine lemon.

That being said, unless there are exceptional circumstances involved (health, mental status, etc.) my guess would be he’d stop depending on his parents a few weeks to a few months after they stop letting him.


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