Seasons of 2016: Pittsburgh

Shout out to Rebecca and Pittsburgh Citypaper. My husband and I read Citypaper all the time as our go-to for music & art events. She’s writing an article about”predictions” for the city for 2016 from local psychics.  It’s so cool she asked for my opinion, whether it makes her article or not! This is kind of a tall order, given everything about predictions and individual privacy and so on. I did the reading for the city just like I would for an individual client, but with the intent of understanding the flow of energy that we all share rather then predicting specific events. Card images (from the public domain) were added for the blog version.

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Wishing you all a happy, healthy, abundant 2016

Seasons of 2016

Hello Pittsburgh!

Before we start let me tell you a little about what to expect from your reading. I do things a little differently than other readers. I call my website Modern Oracle because I believe “fate” and predicting the future are out-dated, obsolete, old-school ideas. Cause and effect are a real thing. What happens in the future is directly related to the things you choose, do, avoid or omit today. The point of Tarot readings is to help you understand the situation, make better choices, be a better person, and create the future you want – not just make a old fashioned prediction and leave you hanging with the consequences. Also, I take privacy very seriously- I don’t read anyone without their permission, so if this reading fits an individual, great! Otherwise it is intended to be a read of the energy around town that we all share.

That being said, Pittsburgh’s 2016 cards are

Winter (Jan – Mar) Four of Swords

Spring (Mar – June) King of Wands

Summer (june – Sept) 6 of coins

Fall (Sept – Dec) 6 of wands

Year as a whole: The Moon

General Pattern: The year card is from the major arcana part of the deck that generally symbolizes energy, change, growth and learning. However, the rest of the cards are all from minor arcana which symbolizes more balanced energy and low key day-to-day kind of advice. When most cards are minor arcana, I read that as a hint that the year will be balanced and not too stressful in the long run.


Winter: 4 of Swords. This is a card of adaptability and flexibility. Not only adapting to changing situations in what you do….but also when you do it. Timing is important. Watch and wait to time things just right. Adapt your expectations from “I want it now” to “it will come when the time is right”. The energy this season is watching for the just-right time to act. Pushing your agenda may not help. Waiting, watching, and going with the flow will help things succeed more easily. Stay chill with traffic and little annoyances. Things will get better eventually.


Spring: King of Wands. The energy shifts from just watching to internal action, but still not external pushing. The King of Wands represents leadership, but in this case it is more about individual leadership more than civil governance or outer group leadership. This is a time of taking personal responsibility. There is a LOT in this world we can’t control, but the one thing we have total control over is ourselves. There is a feeling of impatience. The winter may have been mild, but it it can still seem long, and and spring arrives, the city may notice a restless energy, chomping at the bit to spring into action, tired of all the waiting and watching energy that has been around. This is a time for mental and emotional preparation. The spring is a

 good time for learning new things, taking a class, and putting our mental house in order for all the summer fun to come.


Summer: Now things spring into action. The energy around the 6 of coins reminds me of all the things I love about PIttsburgh. The richness here isn’t so much physical money, but a richness of culture, personality and generosity. This energy feels like block parties and street fairs, the Three Rivers Arts festival and home game days when the Clemente bridge is open to pedestrians. There is a feeling of self esteem and tolerance…pride in your neighborhood but working together as a city. This has a feeling of extending to the nation. After a winter of partisanship and contentious, even bigoted partisan political rhetoric, energies have a chance of becoming more tolerant, even egalitarian in the summer.


Fall: The six of wands classically means “peace”. The good vibes and activity continues. Just like the harvest season, plans start to happen and come to fruit. All the things everyone was chomping at the bit to do in the spring can get rolling now. Teamwork, flexibility, adaptability, cooperation remain key. Things you want to accomplish get farther now if they are done with that sense of teamwork and with pooled resources than it would have if you’d plowed through back in the winter.


Year as a Whole: The Moon. The Moon card represents intuition, life’s natural cycles, spiritual journeys. The mental image here is a pendulum shift, a swing in the opposite direction…it feels reactive. It feels like there is potential for a stampede of good that is a direct reaction and result of 2015’s challenges. It’s not all peace, love and flowers, but has a more practical and proactive. It reminds me of The Carter Center’s motto of “Wage Peace”…If we choose it, Pittsburgh could have a year of cooperative action for practical benefit.

For individual clients, I usually give any purely intuitive impressions at this point, but for a city as a whole, there isn’t enough focus for this part to be helpful. The number 6 may be important since it repeats in the reading. That may be to draw our attention to June or the sixth of some month, but beyond that any significance would be up to the individual reader to decide. The only mental image remains the one of pendulum swinging. The word “momentum” comes to mind. Success through well timed, cooperative, widely beneficial effort will have momentum and a greater chance of succeeding. This year feels as if the enegy will be on the side of cooperation, tolerance, and improvement more than narrow world views, or individual selfish gain. For success remember, “a rising tide lifts all boats”. Creating an overall environment for success is key in 2016. It will help individuals succeed as much or more than focusing on the individual projects alone.