Seasons of 2016: Cosmic Citizen

Yesterday was a “Seasons of the Year” reading for Pittsburgh in 2016. Today let’s take a step back and open our focus. Think of Earth as our collective home, our “Place in Space” as the Planetary Society puts it. Even if SciFi isn’t your favorite genre, imagine just for a minute that mankind could travel around the galaxy in weeks and months instead of decades and millennia. What if  we look at Planet Earth as our rare, fragile, unique, irreplaceable home? It is. So even if we wrap our arms around the entirety of the world, it is still our local home town. Be proud of it. Take care of it. Love it and each other and all the other precious and rare worlds out in the Cosmos too. Taking that perspective, what we make 2016 to be?

  • Winter: King of Cups
  • Spring: Emperor
  • Summer: Eight of Coins
  • Fall: The Chariot
  • 2016: Nine of Swords

General Pattern: Two major arcana cards and a court card makes me think there will be times of energy, change, big news. The mental image is of the globe vibrating. It doesn’t feel literal, like the usual gloom and earthquakes in these kinds of “predictions”. It feels more like a symbolic representation of the phrase “rock your world”. It feels as if there will be 2 or 3 large events that rivets the worlds attention and changes our outlook fundamentally – on the order of the Paris attacks. But like wise parents always say…look for the helpers. That is the important crossroads this year. When big things happen, do we allow ourselves to get caught up in the fear or do we look beyond the literal events to the new and better paradigms that can emerge? I see a parallel here to the Iraq War…we can unite or we can cower. We can unite and change, albeit profoundly, or we can squander our chances to evolve as a civilization and a species – perhaps a lethal choice in time. Granted, it might be the soap-box-y rabble-rousing part of my logical mind interjecting here (it was ABOVE FREEZING at the NORTH POLE in the dead of WINTER people!!! God’s not gonna save you, but renewable energy might) but climate change as well as the threat of terroristic violence could be a large part of those watershed moments. Unless of course we act to avoid them. Not holding my breath for that one, given our track record so far, but anything is possible. But yes, it seems like it could be an energetic year.


Winter (Jan-March): King of Cups. This card has a similar energy around it to the 4 of swords from the Pittsburgh reading, but with a slightly larger perspective. There is a watch and wait and observe feel to it, but more than that also a feeling of learn, and “look through spiritual eyes”. Again the idea of a higher, broader perspective leading you to wisdom and the better path. Taking a step back and looking at the big picture can be a heckuva problem solver, even from just a logical point of view. Part of me hesitates to say this because it seems so self-serving. The feeling is that part of that of “find spiritual guidance” “look with spiritual eyes”. Part of me cringes because that is so exploitable…sure, I’d love to be busy doing Tarot readings for everybody to do just that…but Tarot isn’t a religion, it’s a tool. One of many. One of a huge number of manys. Whatever helps you to get into that wise, compassionate, big-picture frame of mind, whatever helps you feel in touch with spirit guides or whatever benevolent natural or supernatural energies speak to you…that. Do that. Watching, waiting, acting at just the right moment to work smarter not harder, to elevate what we do by a factor of spirituality…

Making good decisions in a year of cultural watershed and sea change (hopefully not the literal kind) requires a melange of logic, wisdom, and intuition…perhaps “spiritual thinking” here means tying those things together with a higher-plane, spirit-vantage-point, big-picture mind set.


Spring (March – June): Emperor. My mind jumps right to the U.S. presidential primary. “Super Tuesday” and all that ruckus (insert some serious eye rolling here) is March 1. “Be the leader” comes to mind. Don’t let yourself get led around by the nose. The world can’t be made a better place…or even be maintained as habitable…by a long dance down the primrose path of gullibility. The advice for this time of year is to think for yourself, trust in your own competence. Know your limits. Not knowing isn’t a failure…it is an opportunity to learn and improve. “BE the change you want to see in the world” as Ghandi said. BE the kind of person you want to lead you…if you want to be left alone, then don’t judge or put your ideas on others. If you want a brave leader, be courageous in your own decisions and actions. Don’t do harm, or it will come back to you many times over…the classic lessons, magnified by the blossoming of spring.


Summer (June – Sept.): 8 of Coins. As with the cards yesterday, the energy of these cards very much echo and follow the natural energies of the seasons. That in itself may be a hint that “going with the flow” is especially helpful this year. If you combine it with the ideas in the previous cards, then the work and “creative service” of the coins cards essentially becomes “walk your talk”. Put the the things you have observed and learned through winter and spring into well-timed action. The natural flow and ease will show you that right time. Again here we see logic (what to do and how to do it) blended with spiritual viewpoint (timing, empathy, energy flow). In the usual optimism of coins cards this has a successful, productive, progressive feel to it.


Fall (Sept. – Dec.): The Chariot. Here the outward, active energy turns on the afterburners and kicks into overdrive. Rather than starting to turn back into the quiescence and introspection of this winter, the focus is on activity, finishing, projects coming to completion and fullness. It is more like an energetic fall harvest festival more than gentle leaves falling or cocoa by the fire. “Second phase” comes to mind. All the starts of summer will be full throttle, not quite wrapping up but heading toward completion. Things set on the right path in summer will have the momentum to finish well, but things headed in the wrong direction can have a rocky road…you’ll probably be able to tell if you are headed in the right direction or not by how bumpy the ride gets.


2016: 9 of Swords. This is year of crossroads and choosing, with many chances to make adjustments and avoid regrets. My attention is drawn to the person covering their face…”closed eyes leads to regrets” comes to mind. “Watching with spirit eyes wide open will show the way…the third eye walks in the light…fearful eyes remain shut tight” Swords, in this case are very much two-edged. They can symbolize violence, fear and aggression…or be tools of defense and courage. Knowing yourself and who you want to become is part and parcel of what you want to achieve. (What color Lightsaber are you?

Summary / Cold Reading: In an individual reading, here is where I would put any summary impressions whether they are directly related to your cards or not. It works a little bit like dream interpretation – your experience and your interpretation of the words, images, colors, scents etc. far outweighs anything I can say. Being so personal and individual, this portion doesn’t apply to these larger group/year readings it seems.

There you have it…nothing specific, granted, but perhaps this can give you a sense of the eddies and flows of 2016. May it be happy, healthy, and abundant for everyone.


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