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Q: I’m not seeing anyone right now, but I want to find my soulmate and be in a lasting relationship. I did a past-present-future reading, with the World in the present position and the 2 of Wands in the future position. What does that mean about when I’ll find my soulmate?

A: What was the card in the past position? In this case that might be an important piece in the puzzle. It might hint at old lessons unlearned that might be holding you back from attracting that special someone, or it might show something that was good in past relationships that you are missing now. Hard to say.

What does this say about when you’ll meet your soulmate? Nothing at all really. Cause and effect can change everything. The future really is fluid. Think of a kayak on a river. You can steer and paddle and affect the trip – but you don’t control the speed of the current or the rocks ahead. Tarot helps you know how to navigate the energy flows with the most ease and safety to get where you ultimately want to go, but it doesn’t tell precisely how fast the river is running or exactly if or when you’ll get to a precise place in the river.

The World card brings bigness to mind. Wholeness is another common meaning. And success. Put that together with your question, and my hunch is it means to successfully find your soulmate, keep an open mind, look at the big picture, live all of your life, and not just focus on soulmate, love and romance.

Two of wand has to with planning and foresight, but also with being on the cusp of something.

Put that together with the success aspect of the world card, and it would seem to hint that you are on the verge of a time when soulmate could be near, but take care to not put blinders on or limit yourself. Paradoxically, focusing on soulmate could make you miss your soulmate…be happy, live fully. That happiness and fullness of living may be just the thing that helps draw that perfect person to you.

If that sounds right to you, you might want to visit the “find your soulmate” page (see the tabs at the top of the page?). It has links to several posts specifically about the topic of soulmates. You might find something helpful in one of those.

Good luck!



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