Q&A: A Fool for Cups

Q: I did a reading and have a feeling that there is some connection between the Fool and the 10 of Cups, but I can’t figure out what the connection might be. How can these two cards relate to each other?

A: Let’s start with the Fool, since it’s the major arcana card, and will probably be the strongest energy or the anchor of the two. The Fool has a variety of meanings, including a reminder to play and, most commonly, can indicate a beginning of some sort. My attention is drawn to the ‘beginning’ aspect more than the others here.

10 of cups is “strong foundation”, family roots, happy family, peace…deep and meaningful things.

That being said, what sort of message do you think the reading is giving overall here? Does it feel more pushing toward…like advice, or is it more a holding back feeling…like a caution? That would be the next step in figuring out the relationship. So when you put all three elements together, you might get advice that suggests this is a good time to begin something that is near to your heart…finding and acting on one’s “life purpose”. It might be a nudge to begin something that is an expression of who you are. The word “core” comes to mind here. Conversely, it could be a caution to avoid beginning something if it is out of synch with you, or not a part of your truest life path, or some other similar mis-match of energies.

Beyond that, it depends on other context that you didn’t include in your question: the concern  that prompted the reading and the layout positions of each card would be things to consider for even more context, depth and detail.

Hope that helps! Thanks for the question!


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