New in 2016 (well, not THAT new)

Here are some things that are new or recently refreshed for the new year:

  • Tarot lessons – learn to read Tarot. Beginner lessons, #PeaceTarot how-to booklet, and coaching / second opinion for those who already read but want a second look at a layout…details here
  • E-mail is still 24/7, no appointment needed. This is still far and away the FASTEST way for us to do a reading together. I pull the cards and do the reading exactly as if we worked face-to-face. I just type it to you instead of say it to you. As a writer, e-mail readings are  my specialty. I type as well as a talk (depending on the time of day and my coffee levels, sometimes my typing is BETTER!). Don’t wait days for an in-person appointment, order by email HERE
  • Youtube channel is up. Not GOOD mind you, but functional. Look for a catalog of video reading examples as the year goes on. Things should get better as I learn the ropes of vlogging.
  • New Blog on “Trisymbiosis” with more focus on the mind-body connection, spirituality, and esoteric topics and less focus on the nuts-and-bolts physicality of Natural Wellness.