Q&A: Cup Full of Love


Q: I did a pathway reading about a guy I’m interested in. The cards didn’t make any sense so I did another reading, but got the Ace of Cups and the Lovers both times. What do these two cards mean? 

A: Interestingly enough, I’ve been asked several times about the Ace of Cups and the Lovers in romance readings. Each reading is very individual, and it would help to know a little more, like how your phrased your question, what other cards were in the reading, what layout positions for the two cards, etc – not that I’m fishing for information like a cold reading – those kinds of details lend context and would help individualize the cards for you. On an energy level, I’m 50-50 split between saying the repetition is just a coincidence because of how the cards were shuffled, and saying the coincidence has a big message for you. It might be a bit of both.

That being said, understanding the cards is the least of your worries. My instinct tells me that repeating the reading is the problem as much as anything. Remember mixing fingerpaint colors when you were a kid? Yellow and blue might make green, but yellow, blue, red, pink and purple make …ewww.

Another way of thinking about multiple readings on the same question is the animation cells from old style cartoons. If you stacked the drawings one on top of the other, all you get is a snarl of lines and muddy colors. But if you look at them one at a time, at the natural pace for them to unfold (24 frames per second give  the illusion of movement: Faster looks silly and slower doesn’t move) then you get a clear picture.

A better way to handle that first reading would be to write down the cards, research other meanings, see if any of those interpretations spark and idea. Best thing would be to write down the cards, think about them, and just see how things naturally unfold over time. Let the reading breathe a while…a few days at the very least…before doing another. Chances are, with a little time and meditation the reading would start to make sense and you wouldn’t need a repeat.

continues tomorrow…