Thank you @pghcitypaper, @eatthatreadthis, Frances Withane

Thank you to Pittsburgh City Paper for their article about psychics and predictions for Pittsburgh in 2016 (volume 26, Issue 1). I really appreciate the opportunity to be included! Please check it out, and meet other local intuitive Tamar George and Suzanne Bishop. The predictions article was on the front page…check out the super cool cover art that is in the style of a Ouija Board.

I hope we’re all right…seems like good vibes are headed our way. I thought the political predictions were especially interesting. It was a nice example of how there are many roads to enlightenment. In subtle energy work, it is very easy to wind up barking up the same tree from different directions.

They out and out predicted Bernie Sanders would win (Yay!) while my reading was predicting Donald Trump would loose (Whew!). That is why  good Oracles always approach this with a healthy dose of “know thyself” (just like the lady in the Matrix). I know I’m a full on Sanders supporter, and it would be totally biased of me to look at the primaries through that lens…so by starting with the controversial guy NOT winning…we all wound up pointing in essentially the same direction from different starting points. Interesting.

Also thank you to Eat That Read This for mentioning the Citypaper, and thank you to Frances Withane on Facebook for giving me the heads up about the Eat That Read This blurb. I’ve read Citypaper for ages, and am really geeking out over this.