Q&A: Cup Full of Love – part 2

Q: I did a pathway reading about a guy I’m interested in. The cards didn’t make any sense so I did another reading, but got the Ace of Cups and the Lovers both times. What do these two cards mean? 

A: Read Part 1

Don’t feel bad…it is a very very common thing to keep coming to intuitive guidance when we are dealing with very emotional and important issues. That overflow of emotion actually matches up pretty well with the ace of cups, come to think of it, so there may be a caution from that card specifically for you to take care with the repeating thing.

The Lovers card could be a caution as well. It is, as you know about desire, not love/romance/marriage kinds of energies. It is about what you WANT, not about the give and take and intermingling of energy that goes with a truly intimate love relationship.

Put the emotion aspect along with the ‘what I want’ aspect, along with the desperate repeating energy…I hate to say it but this whole scenario is feeling like a big high school crush. My suggestion is give readings a rest for a while. Give some thought to what you want and need in general for your love life…how does that balance and fit in with other parts of life right now? Are you looking for a relationship or just to date? What will you do if your love interest isn’t interested back?

In other words – leave this person entirely out of it. Don’t think of any particular person…just you and you alone. Let the WHO go, and and focus on the WHAT. Try to understand what is the highest and best path for your romantic life in general, not what you should do with regard to this person in particular.

If you do another reading of any kind, try to listen and work with what is given, no more repeats. If you are so full of one expectation, then helpful guidance can’t get in. Spirit whispers.  We can’t hear love and higher guidance over all the splashing and thrashing when we go fishing for the answer we want instead of the answer we get.

Luckily important life lessons don’t give up on us as easily as we give up on them. If we stay focused on the wrong thing, then challenges keep growing and repeating until the idea get through our skull. A nudge becomes a push which becomes a frying pan over the head.


Thanks for the question! Good luck & Best Wishes.