Q&A: The Devil You know


Q: Why did you predict Donald Trump will loose instead of predicting who will win (even if  you just predicted the person you want)? Isn’t that being negative or dark?

A: Fair question. From one point of view you are right, it is a negative way of going about things and probably rubbed a fair number of his supporters the wrong way if they read it (although like I said in the last episode of Menage A Tarot – I really doubt that anyone inclined to support that kind of rhetoric is listening to a Tarot podcast or reading a blog like this one)

Part of the reason is less a matter of pure negativism and more an attempt at intellectual (logical) self-monitoring. I know full well that I want Bernie or Hillary to win the presidency. So even if it was a positively framed hunch…there was no way I could be sure it was genuine intuition rather than wishful thinking or some ulterior motive on my part.

Your question reminds me of another point that I hadn’t considered before: The Law of Similars / Law of Attraction. In other words, like attract like. Birds of a feather flock together – especially during presidential campaign season. No matter what your political leaning, just as a matter common decent humanity, the man is mean. (Bigoted, misogynistic, bullying, narcissistic, pandering… and so on.) How can any thinking, feeling human being say what he says and still live with themselves? So of course, anything as energy sensitive as a reading is going to gravitate toward the negative where that kind of rhetoric is involved.

The biggest reason is this: Life isn’t all positive, so neither are all readings. It ain’t all rainbows and unicorns pooping ice cream cones with sprinkles out there! “Dark” or “negative” is not just acceptable, or OK…it’s essential. It’s real. It’s HOW the world works. Which may be a big bias on my part, since my life-lens is Taoist through and through.

Light and Dark, positive and negative, good and evil. Both exist in order for, well, everything to exist. Without the light we can’t see – but without contrast and shade, our eyes are dazzled and just as unseeing. All good isn’t all good, any more than all bad is acceptable. Scary as the card might look, this is part of the Devil’s lesson. Life doesn’t come from all one thing or another, it comes from the interplay of both. The choice is how you use and direct the energy of that interplay. No wise choice can ignore half of everything.