Short ‘N Sweet – and 1/3 of the cost

Sometimes you want a big steak dinner. Sometimes you want a bowl of chicken soup. Both are nourishing and satisfying, but meet different needs.


Sometimes you want a long, detailed reading. Sometimes you want a short and to-the-point answer. Tarot can do either one.

NEW: Yes/No readings have a new bite-size format with a new price to match:

  • NEW only $5 for three card yes/no (was $15)
  • NEW concise format (see below)
  • E-mail only   – available anytime, no appointment needed!
  • Answer is a possibility, not a prediction. It’s still a coin toss whether it will come true or not.
  • Includes advice/guidance paragraph – which is what Tarot is really all about anyway
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Q: I’m looking for a new job. I get interviews, then nothing. Will I find a job and when?

A: No reading can predict if or when you will get a job. All this can do is show you the direction things are headed at the moment. Maybe. This style of reading has a 50-50  chance of being right or wrong.  That being said…

Your cards are:
Ace of Swords
Ace of Coins
5 of Wands

Answer: Yes

Advice: Be very clear with yourself and with potential employer. Communicate clearly and well. If you try to be all things to everyone, then potential employers might not see what they are getting or trust what they see.  Know who you are, what you have to offer, and what you want from your job and career. Know if you want your job to just be a source of money to live on, or do you want your job to be something more. Is your job just a living or do you need it to be fulfilling for other reasons too? The clearer you are with yourself about what you want, the clearer you communicate that vision to those around you, the clearer the path to getting it will become.