Tarot, Darwin and Learning to Fly

“Kindness, Honesty, and Simplicity” is my favorite translation for the “Three Jewels” of Taoist Philiosophy.

These principles always inspired and informed my Tarot work. I apply the same basic ethics found in Reiki and health care to Tarot. Vigorous, transparent honesty has always driven my approach to (and frequent ranting about)  predictions and relationship readings. That part is all in the archives and available to browse with the search box to the right or the archives drop down menu at the bottom of the page.

All of that is well and good. I stand by it. I still don’t think it’s right to look at your love interest’s energies without their knowledge or consent and I still say predictions are not only impossible but potentially damaging. Probabilities, sure. Trends, no problem. “Accurate predictions” – not gonna happen. Predictions can foster helplessness & feelings of victimization. I will always intend my readings to inspire & empower you. That inspiration includes me too. I learn, grow and change over time as much as you do. Readers and readings evolve on both sides of the table.

Over the past couple of years, several things have inspired me to improve my yes/no readings, especially where requests for “predictions” are concerned.  It drives me up a wall when, after all I’ve said, I still get questions like “will our relationship work out?” “Will my roommates change?” “Will I get that job” “What is the luckiest day to take a test?” “Will my ex and I get back together?” and so on.

One of the biggest inspirations has been doing Menage A Tarot with David and Kate. They are wise. It is an honor to work with them. That experience shown me I need to bring a little more kindness into my preachy honesty about predictions. That started the evolution.

I’ve been reading Amy Putkonin’s I Ching posts on Tao Te Ching Daily. I Ching is translated as the “book of changes”. The next step in the yes/no evolution was to incorporate a Tarot version of I Ching’s “changing lines” (more about that another time) into the yes/no reading.

Then I spent some time developing the bead meditation tutorial for my other website. “Serene Beads: Meditation Made Easy” Is a beginning step, a transitional gateway to other, more traditional meditation styles. You can’t just plunk down on the floor and start meditating like a practiced monk. That takes, uh, practice…and a lot of it. Going from zero to guru is pretty frustrating – enough to make a lot of people give up.  When I was learning to meditate (the hard way – on my own) I discovered that a transitional technique that you later outgrow and abandon is the way to begin. In the beginning, I used beads, visualizations, mantra, gemstone energies, all sorts of things as a beginners way in, later learning more traditional Zen/Ch’an meditation as I did my martial arts training. “Serene Beads” is meditation training wheels. The new format Yes/No reading is, in a way, Tarot training wheels. It’s the “prediction” that everyone keeps wanting (in spite of all the ranting), combined with time and transition (probability to change), combined with the more advanced advice & guidance kind of information. The yes/no reading itself is a mini-evolution from old fashioned, growth-hampering predictions to modern guidance & empowerment.

Chuck Yeager was the first man to break  the sound barrier. There was a day, a single day in history where he took his very first flying lesson.  My goal with the new yes/no format is, I hope, to give someone their first spiritual flight lesson, to help them see there is so much more to Tarot and Intuition than “100% accurate predictions

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