Pick a Card, Any Card

My theory: If you are going to go around giving Tarot advice, you’d best darn well be able to take it too.

That’s essentially what yesterday’s post was about: Evolving the yes/no readings to be a kinder, gentler transition from predictions to advice rather than constant harping about how Tarot can’t predict the future.Another piece of that saga was reading “Best Tarot Business Advice from 22 Tarot Pros” on Theresa Reed’s excellent website TheTarotLady.com. James Wells; advice was to focus on what Tarot CAN do, rather then the constant disclaiming of what it can’t. It is just a cold, hard reality that disclaimers and absolute clarity about business policies are an unrelentingly necessity. But he has a point. Attention is energy, and I’ve given enough energy ranting about predictions. It’s all preaching to the choir, or falling on unready beginner’s ears & sounding like Charlie Brown’s teacher.

So no more ranting. Time to shine the spotlight on what has been right all along. There are YEARS of examples here of what Tarot CAN do. Please, welcome…come into the archives and explore. The Search box will bring up whatever you want to know —->

Don’t find what you are looking for? Ask! Leave a comment below or use the handy contact form HERE. I’ll write a post inspired by your question and we’ll both learn together just what Tarot can do.