What Tarot Can Do For You: One Card / Daily Meditation

Tarot never fails to amaze me.

78 cards, multiple meanings per card, context from position meaning, reversals, plus intuitive images or sense of the message…the possibilities are, functionally, limitless.

But what can just one card do?

As I see it, a one-card reading covers both extremes of focus and time frame. A one card reading can give you a very narrow focus during a snapshot in time, while a daily meditation reading practice can give very broad guidance over an extended period of time.

I describe the broad guidance kind of one card daily meditation readings in my how-to “#PeaceTarot” (available as a  digital download or in Kindle format). This card-a-day way of using Tarot nudges us in the right direction, gently, over time. The basic idea behind #PeaceTarot is drawing a Tarot card either daily, or whenever you are feeling particularly stressed. Look up that card in the peaceful, reassuring list of “meanings” in the back of the book. Over time, a practice like this can shift thinking into a calmer, more peaceful way of dealing with life’s little stresses. One card about one narrow question is a snapshot for a quick idea. Ongoing daily meditations (like the ones in the blog) are a slow turn in a better direction.

If you want to learn to do daily meditation tarot for yourself, please visit amazon.com kindle store or Quirk & Flotsam on etsy.com to get a copy of #Peacetarot (also available as a paper copy with included reading by me just for you)

If you want a one-card snapshot reading, you can order it HERE  (only $5). Here is an example of what an e-mail one card reading would be like (used with permission)

Q: I would like general guidance about working with my spirit guides and getting ready to guide and counsel others.

4wandsThat you are asking this kind of question at all shows that you are on the right path.

Personal growth demands we ask hard questions, seek guidance and respect the process of it all – but it is abundantly worth it all in the end.  Guiding others is ten times so.

It is important to respect and focus on your own growth first, and then you must take great care to give respect to other’s path, including the divine (and sometimes difficult) lessons they call to themselves and must experience for themselves to learn what it is they need to learn. When you develop that objectivity along side of empathy and compassion…then you can begin to guide others.  Keep in mind, Tarot is healing with words. We are folk-artists and folk-healers, but not certified therapists so we always have to keep our motives, limits and intentions in mind. Respect their path, and yours. Do no harm & “Physician heal thyself” very much apply here.

That being said, your card today is:

Not surprising, your card is the Four of Wands. It’s meaning is “Strong Foundation”. The feeling, the message that seems urgent for you (as you can probably tell by what has been said so far) is to build a strong foundation. Build a strong foundation of working with your own guides before you consider trying to guide others.

There is a strong sense of caution…if you try to guide others too early, your own growth might become compromised.
There is a feeling of a cult leader…not saying you will become one, but perhaps you are at danger to follow one.  But cult of personality is to be avoided either way.  “Anchor” “root” “ground” are all words that come to mind for you.

And there the energy ends, with a strong feeling of you must do this for yourself….find your foundation, and anchor and root. Be strong and wise for yourself…only later consider guiding others once you are on a strong footing for yourself. There is a mental image of a cement slab that must be poured before a tent or shelter is built for the shelter to be long-lasting, and helpful to those who use it.

Best Wishes to you on your path of learning!