Demons and Darkness (Thanks for the quote @GrantSWilson)

Q: Are Tarot Cards Demonic?

A: No.

Seems like a lot of people wonder about this. I’ve been asked about this several times. Tarot cards are pieces of paper with pictures on them. End of story. They are psychologically potent symbols, yes. The images and long-held meanings behind them provoke deep thoughts and and a wide range of emotions … the same as any good artwork can. Are they imbued with wisdom and tradition? Yes. Can they help us gain insight, access our intuition, and tap into our inner wisdom? Absolutely. Do they have a trumped up reputation from books, movies, TV? Unfortunately. Are they paranormal or evil? No.

If there any demons in Tarot they are the ones each individual brings to the reading. Often a reading will bring dark things about ourselves front and center – uncomfortable things we don’t really want to face. Things we must face in order to live better, be better.

Have you ever seen the television show “Ghost Hunters”? I’ve always been impressed with their approach. They bring compassion and common sense to the paranormal field.  Some people think that ghosts are evil or ‘demonic’ yet “Ghost Hunters” reminds us that ghosts are just people, with all the good and the bad human nature brings.

It seems to me that fear is the real problem. Common sense with compassion seems to be the solution in both Tarot and paranormal investigating. I follow some of the “Ghost Hunters” folks on Twitter, and even though he’s no longer with the show (but a very good artist and musician!) one of Grant Wilson’s tweets really caught my attention the other day. He was talking with a young lady who was asking him about feeling afraid in the dark and objects falling without reason, but at the same time wanting to learn about paranormal investigating. The impulse of everyone was to help her conquer her fear and take a step toward her goal. I think his insight applies to the question of Tarot cards being “demonic” too.

“You have to slowly retrain your mind. Own the darkness, make whatever is in it afraid of you” – Grant Wilson

I think this is true in both a literal ghost hunting and metaphorical Tarot sense.

I can’t sit here and say there are no nature divas or malevolent spirits out there. That’s like saying there are no wild animals or criminals out there in the big wide world. Bad stuff really does exist (as with the Devil Card.) But looking at Tarot Cards and confronting your inner personal demons (Page of Cups) isn’t going to throw you into the middle of a Hollywood horror film either. Own your own inner darkness and you can own…and evict…any demons lurking there.

There is care to be taken in working with things like Tarot and the paranormal, certainly. Attitude, intention, calm, and a healthy dose of logic can go a long way to keeping things on the right track.

Joy Star gives the best example…think of your house at night with the lights on. If you open the door, the dark doesn’t crawl in and darken the house….the light shines out and illuminates the dark. Compassion and common sense keep the lights on behind you and keep fear at bay, while Tarot can help you open the door, face the dark, and understand what you see.