Pinpoint Inaccuracy

“Certainty is the death of science” – Prof. Brian Cox

“People need their reality tunnel smashed sometimes” – Jason Silva

This. So This:

There is a lot in this life I don’t know. Good thing, too, because I seriously get off on learning new things. Especially the big brainy cosmos-ish stuff like this podcast.

I think “science” has been a bit too smug and certain about intuition and much of holistic health … at which point it stops being science by Dr. Cox’s adage above … if you have ever read or seen any  of Carl Sagan’s work, or listened to Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s podcasts, or watched any of Professor Cox’s TV series, you can see that science has not rejected awe and wonder. Far from it. They bring it.

For me, the wow moment of the podcast came from the discussion of time-space, and time travel. They made the off-handed passing comment that we are “moving through time at the speed of light” “at one second per second”… even metaphorically, that has implications for a tarot reading. I know it’s all theoretical, and arguable, and unproven stuff about time and consciousness. It’s a noodle-baker of an idea – but I wonder.

If we accept as an axiom that we are moving through the dimension of time at the maximum possible speed for our shared location in space…just like light is the maximum constant speed through any location…then no wonder predictions are impossible. If you can’t go faster than light through space, maybe you can’t go faster than human consciousness through time…since the Tarot reader is already moving at the maximum speed, then nothing can go faster in time then the right-here, right-now of the reading itself. If nothing can go faster through time to pull back information…to make a prediction.


What about time dilation? ARE we moving at the fastest pace through time? Going at the literal speed of light only slows time down from our frame of reference, nothing seems to speed measured time – except our subjective experience of it. Tempus fugit and all that.

Is mind faster than light? Is it faster than time? Are predictions possible?

My theory is: not likely, certainly not perfectly. Intuition guides us – but not with pinpoint inaccuracy. With 360 degrees to choose from, a general direction is better than no direction at all. Inaccurate? yes. Useful? Equally yes.

Seeing isn’t steering. Perceiving isn’t doing. Higher dimensions (as in string theory) exist, but we live in the third/fourth. We may intuitively “see” through time, space and dimensions to one one probability wave (Shrodinger’s cat dies) and act in a tiny way that collapses another probability wave (Schrodinger’s cat lives). Perhaps the the truth is that intuition sees only possibilities, senses probabilities, but does not see ahead through actual time. Thus intuition gives us general (and very useful) hints, helps, and clues…but not pinpoint accurate predictions.

Now juxtapose all the brain-squashing of a podcast where two of the biggest brains on the planet talk about really deep stuff…with reading a nice little blog post about “How to increase the accuracy of your tarot readings”.  From Einstein and Astrophysics to Tarot how-to and predictions-for-hire in the same few hours will strip some mental gears. Don’t try this at home without a cup of coffee handy.

The post gave some good, sensible advice for a Tarot reader, whether you read for yourself or for others. Practice, for example. The more you do a thing, the easier it becomes and the better you get at that thing. That goes for everything from psychic, to sports, to knitting socks. Anything. The author also suggested getting “perfect” with a few favorite spreads before branching out into trying new ones (or making your own). I can agree with that. A little comfort and confidence can go a long way to in the intuition business.

But as practical as the advice in the post may have been, it still begs the question “accurate” compared to what? If there is no privileged frame of reference for speed, space, or time itself…how can there be a standard measure and frame of reference for a Tarot reading?

If perceived time is the way around measured time, then perceived “accuracy” is the measure of a reading, not the objective results. Sparking ideas, touching hearts, soothing anxieties, inspiring spirits: all of that is far more important work than “accurately” predicting some objective, external event. Our subjective perception is very inaccurate when it comes to objective things. Our senses can be fooled, many scientific truths are counter intuitive and beyond our direct senses. When it comes to intuitive guidance, like art or music, perception is the measure that matters. Only the person getting a reading can measure the “accuracy” of a reading in terms of resonance and emotion. The psychic isn’t the one who can claim or create “accuracy.” The psychics are not the privileged frame of reference – you are.