Love and Career Turned on its Head



(S. in New Dehli, India asks) I have just been through two failed relationships. First I was divorced after issues with his family and over the dowry. After that, the man I was involved with left after a lot of emotion and expensive gifts were exchanged (because his family didn’t approve of my being divorced). 

Now my savings are gone after the divorce court costs and the gifts. I feel so foolish after all that has happened. What guidance do the Tarot cards have?


Hello S.

I’m sorry to hear of your problems. I hope things get better for you soon. There are many cultural parts of this that, as an American, I’m sure I don’t understand properly. Please use your own intuition and your own sense of things to see if these cards resonate with what you need. If this reading seems odd or off or just not right…please don’t feel that it is your fault or anything wrong with your end of things. If that happens, I suspect it is a clue that I’m just not the right reader for you, and that a reader who understands the background and context of your situation might be better able to help. If this reading seems off,  don’t worry – just see if you can find a reader located closer to you if not geographically,  then culturally. My sense is a pathway reading is the best layout for this.

Your cards today are:

  • Ace of Coins
  • Ace of Cup
  • 7 of Coins

General pattern: all the cards initially turned over reversed…which means, really, that I just picked the whole deck up turned around. Some old fashioned readers would make something of that…I take all possible card meanings into account anyway so reversals don’t really matter in this style of reading. I think they are significant in a general way because it validates how upset you’ve been feeling. Your world has been turned upside down by all of this, and this acknowledges you feelings. That kind of validation also hints that you’ve been heard by universe on an energy level. Your desires are resonating, and you’ve connected to energy in a way that will start to draw better things to you in time.

Two of the three are coins cards. My hunch is that, as much as you are able, you need to focus on money, career, work…do the practical things to take care of yourself. Don’t take on any more romances or relationships until you are fully, thoroughly emotionally healed and ready. Don’t take on any romances until you are financially recovered as well. Both of those things will take time, but neither of those things will take forever. Give yourself the time needed…don’t rush. Here is where the cultural part of things may come in. Here, it may not be easy, but it is very common and very accepted for a divorced woman to work, thrive, and be happy on her own. I get the sense it may be more challenging for you, but that feels like the path for you, even though you may feel lonely and outcast in the process, or meet more challenges and discrimination there than one would here…that is were finding advice, and support there would help. Find some advice there about how to succeed there on your own as a divorcee, no relationship or marriage needed. Make sense?

Whether taken individually or as a whole, that is the message of the cards to set aside romance or marriage, and focus on career, taking care of yourself in a practical, financial way first before taking on a new relationship.

The Ace of Coins is both advice to do that, and a reassurance that it will end up well. The ace of coins is often a sign of material success and having enough in the end.

The Ace of cups suggests “inner light”. The suite of cups often has to do with love & romance. Put those parts together and the advice becomes the part about healing your heart, focus on your inner light rather than looking elsewhere for love. It too, is a reassurance that love and romance will work out in the end, but the beginning is heal from the flood of emotions and from everything that has been going on with you. Love will come again in its time, but if you rush into it before you are whole, healed and strong, you are putting yourself at risk for another bad experience. Waiting for a relationship and focusing on emotional healing and taking care of yourself financially first will improve your chances of the next relationship being a good one.

The third card is both a caution and a promise. The 7 of coins is associated with the old adage “you reap what you sow”. This isn’t saying you have bad karma or that you did anything to deserve what has happened…this is strong advice to “sow” good seeds now, with the promise that the good things you start now will, indeed, result in good things later on. Make an investment in emotional healing and financial self-sufficiency now, and it will result in emotional health, strength, and security later on. Make sense?

When I look for a summary, or a “cold reading” part for this, the energy steps back as if the most important things have already been said. There is a repeat of the advice to find another, perhaps older woman who knows your situation better and get advice how to cope and succeed alone, at least for a time. It may require breaking some traditions, or breaking from cultural expectations, but that extra effort may very well be worth it in the long run. That is where a good adviser or mentor can help.

And there the energy steps full back.

All the best to you!


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