Conversations Across the Veil

2016-03-04 11.28.31

Witches Tarot, by Ellen Dugan

It’s one of those synchronicity kind of days.

I kid you not – a Harry Potter marathon is playing on TV, meanwhile I did two email readings back to back – both had The Magician as the prominent energy. I can take a cosmic hint. The Magician is today’s card, obviously.

We are in the opposite end of the year from Autumnal equinox, that goes into Halloween season and the purported thinning of the veil between worlds. You could think that means the veil is at its thickest here…which isn’t saying much since veils are generally thin things to start.

But what if the veil thins here, too, but is conducive to a flow of information in a different direction? Life is just as magical on this side of Earth’s orbit.

The legend is that the fall veil thins and allow spirits to walk the earth. The connection flows from spirit to you. The emphasis is listening. The energy flow is information coming in. It is a time of yin energies.

What if the spring veil thins to allow us to answer? The information flows out to plant seeds of intention, decision, facilitate action. What if the veil thins but this time it is between our spirit and the natural world, enhancing manifestation. It is a time of action, and things and yang energies.

If fall connects spirit to us, perhaps spring connects us to the natural world. We are the spirits in the material world (cue The Police flashback).

I can’t remember where or when, but I read once that prayer is talking to (insert your choice of divinity) while meditation was listening to (him, her, it, them). That isn’t quite right from a meditation perspective, but you get the idea the veil thing. In Fall, we listen. We feel. We experience the touch of the spiritual and the mystical. We listen. In spring, we talk. We plant literal and figurative seeds. We ask. We build. We talk.

Magic happens across the orbit, energies flow across the veil in both directions, and so does the conversation. Speak well, for the universe is listening.


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