Q&A: Are Yes/No Readings Accurate?

Q: Are yes-or-no readings accurate?

A: Define “accurate”.

I’ve posted on this before, but it is a great question and well worth re-visiting. I think your question applies to all Tarot readings, not just the yes/no variety.

The answer to your question hinges completely on what you mean by “accurate”.

If you are talking about predicting the future exactly as it happens before it happens…then no. NO psychic reading can reliably predict the future like that. If that is how you measure “accurate” then no readings are accurate. Even if you look at all readings at large, the whole conglomerate group is like that old adage about enough monkeys and enough typewriters…eventually one of ’em going to come up with Hamlet. If you make enough predictions over a long enough period of time, anyone can accurately foretell the future at least once. Which one reading that will be is anybody’s guess.

As I understand the math of it (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong stats and calculus folks) for any given individual reading, the chances of it precisely coming to pass are at best 50%. Either it happens or doesn’t. Zombie Cats aside, either Schrodinger’s poison vial breaks or it doesn’t. In that context any given yes/no reading is about as accurate as flipping a coin.

Which is really a moot point because Tarot and intuition are not about predicting the future anyway. This can of “accurate” has nothing to do with Tarot and intuitions true purpose. Can you use a cell phone to hammer a nail? No. Can you use a cell phone to find usable, helpful, make-your-life-better information? Of course you can. Tarot is a cell phone, not a hammer.

As I see it, Tarot is in many ways folk art and folk healing. It is art because it shows us the gambit of human emotion and experience. High Renaissance art was meant to evoke an appreciation of beauty or feelings of religious piety. The Dada, abstract expressionism and other modern art movements were more confrontational, provocative, and often engaging with intense or negative emotions. Tarot, like art, touches human emotion. Tarot runs the gambit from Death and the Devil right through to the rainbow and unicorns feeling in the 10 of cups.

Really good Tarot and psychic readings are, in my opinion, de facto counseling sessions, easing stress at the very least.  Modern Tarot as we know it came about only slightly ahead of Freud’s work. Many Tarot scholars have drawn parallels between Tarot and the work of Carl Jung. Many would argue that a good Tarot session is in many ways like a good psychotherapy session. I would agree, having seen Tarot in action for many years and from both sides of the reading table.

Is Tarot an accurate way to predict the future? No. Is Tarot an effective way to understand your situation, solve problems creatively, find inspiration, ease difficult emotions or express your spirituality? Yes. Absolutely.


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