Yes/No Amusement

Thanks to Jessica and Kourtney of Epic Event Planning for their work on “Bridal Revival” sponsored by Glitter and Grit Pittsburgh.

When I’m waiting for events like that to start, sometimes I’ll do some yes/no spreads for trivial questions…it amuses me, and shows people that Tarot readings are happening at the table. Here are the the ones from Friday, April 8. Energies may have shifted since then, but like always, these kinds of readings have a 50% chance of being wrong. This time they turned out to have a good amusement benefit, so there you go…success.

Q: Will the Penguins win the 2016 Stanley Cup?

  • Ace of Coins
  • Strength
  • Lovers

A: No – but not for lack of trying. Strength speaks of ability, and the Lovers speaks of desire. They have the skills and desire, certainly. If they fall out of the post season, it won’t be for lack of skill, desire or effort. It will just be a matter of being straight-up out played. I’m so watching this…going to be a lot of close call good games. Strap in baby…I smell overtime.

Q: Will the Pirates do well this year?

  • 7 Wands
  • Ace of Swords
  • Ace of cups

A: Yes. The 7 of Wands hints at great potential. Ace of Cups and Ace of Swords taken together give a feeling of renaissance. The losing seasons are still fresh in the collective mind of the fandom. It will take another good season to really convince the long-time fans who remember the championships of the 70s or have grown up under the auspices of – you know – THOSE years. A good season this year will let people really believe, generate self-fulfilling prophecy in the other direction.

Q: Does Bernie Sanders still have a chance at winning (as much as at New Year’s?)

  • 10 cups
  • Ace Cups
  • Ace Swords

A: Yes. The 10 of cups symbolizes deep roots, and gives a feeling of “still waters run deep” There may be more depth substance than has been reported, more depth to the energy than anyone originally suspected. Ace of Cups is inner light, and speaks to a hope that we collectively re-discover the better angels of our nature just by someone talking about things like equality, compassion, thoughtfulness, authenticity – irregardless of the election outcome, we are better for the words having been said. Ace of Swords is connected with air, upward movement, often said as “awakening” which to my mind gives a sense of more to come, upward movement, or an upswelling of support.  All in all, love, awakening and great positivity around these cards. Projection of my own hopes and bias? Probably. But hopefully some tiny grain of truthful energy-reading too.



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