Revenge of the Corset


Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan & Mark Evans


I STILL say no self respecting crone is going to be caught it a corset and fishnet arm thingys. Part of the wisdom of crones is they know how to claim comfortable.

So after my nice niggle-y rant the other day, what card do I draw this morning? The Moon. Of course.

The other side of the same coin needs a little polish too, it seems.

The message from the other side is that young can be wise too. Any of us can learn anything from anyone at any time. Wisdom, insight, and guidance are not the exclusive providence of the experienced, any more than ( I reluctantly concede) corsets and fishnet arm thing-y-s are the exclusive providence of the young.

Being a perpetual student is the mark of a good teacher. Learners can come in all ages, shapes and styles. So can teachers.  The crux of the thing is having the self-esteem and self-confidence to learn from anyone. If we are OK and authentic with ourselves then we can learn from others and their authentic selves.

It’s a superficial-appearances-busting card. Well done

Viva la mom jeans.