Looking Sideways for Guidance


Spiritual Guidance isn’t always obvious, but it is always there. 

It’s been a long time, but I remember really enjoying Tara K. Harper’s Wolfwalker fiction series. I don’t remember a lot of details but there was a part about “look to the left” to see the way to an ancient and lost energy healing method.

“Look to the left” has been taken literally. Even though it has since been debunked by one study (Stromberg) conventional wisdom once dictated that  most (or at least right-handed) people unconsciously diverted their eyes left when they looking for older, well established memories, while looking right indicates synthesizing new information (aka potentially lying.)

It’s interesting that the King of Cups, often a symbol of mentoring or spiritual guidance, shows the King ever so slightly off center to the King’s left on the RWS card and to the viewer’s left in the Witches Tarot. In the Witches Tarot deck, the shift is more dramatic and allows us to see dolphins (long associated with myth, legend and spirituality) in the distance.

I’ve always asked for guidance to come “crystal clear and cloud gentle”. Most the time it has, but it takes some serious time for things to unfold that way. I’ve come to appreciate the cosmic frying pan over the head. Lucky for all of us, things can happen both ways. And, fortunately, Tarot can speak to us both ways. The King is large, in charge, front and center, there to give us the guidance and message we need. Yet, off “to the left” so to speak, there are subtle hints and details waiting in the wings for when we are ready to see them.

If a particular card, or a particular life experience keeps coming back to us despite an openness to learning and our actively seeking lessons, that repetition could mean there is some detail that has been missed or some important lesson as yet unlearned. I suspect that if we don’t get it the gentle way – if we don’t see the hints beside the throne so to speak – then eventually those hints will get stronger until the King lands his throne right on top of you. Learning early, putting effort into finding the gentler lessons can help us avoid the grand-slam.

When the King of Cups comes to your cards “look to the left and listen for the whispers.” Spirit is often subtle, and the frying pan often unpleasant. We are all connected and all-that-is contained in the little bits. Guidance is always there, even if we have to look for it.

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