Q&A: Will We Ever Meet?

Q: I am just desperate and don’t know where to turn.  So all my life I had premonitions and they became a reality.  Two and half years ago, I had a big one about meeting my future husband on X day.  On that day, the only new person I met was ****. We met online and we have been chatting every since.  We have tried to meet in real life several times but we haven’t been able.  Either sickness stops us, or we fight and cancel the meeting.  I don’t know which question to ask.  Was my premonition correct?  Will I finally meet him?  

A: First of all, I want to congratulate you for listening to your premonitions. I really believe we all have good intuition, it is just a matter of learning to work with it, and listen to it.

My hunch is your biggest problem isn’t meeting **** or if/when you will get married. The biggest problem here is the X day thing. Expectations are lethal to intuitive work. Throws a big wrench in everything.

Stop thinking about X day.

Love and compassion are more important than premonitions, accurate or not.

You said your initial premonition was two and a half years ago. Things can change in a heartbeat, especially where relationships are concerned since they involve another person. Trust me, that is the hardest kind of intuitive read there is for just that reason. It isn’t that the premonition was wrong, it was perfectly right for its time…or for whatever point in time-space it was seeing. But life is fluid. Time passes, people change their feelings and intentions. What may have been a perfect premonition at that moment may have changed outright – or at least slipped days, months or years in time. My advice is never hang your hat on any one day or detail. Instead think of the important core, the real heart of the message – in this case a strong reassurance that you will indeed find your husband. Few people are gifted with that kind of hope at all, much less a day. If you focus on that one speck of the universe, you miss rivers of other good things flowing by just outside your view. The bigger the picture the better when it comes to intuition. (see 100% accurate predictions and a big cube of jello)

Since you are better dialed in to your intuition than most folks I’d like to give you some psychic homework rather than a tarot reading…I’m 100% confident that with this technique you can sort this out for yourself.

The first step is to let go of the idea of premonitions coming exactly true. That is NOT what this exercise is about. If you think in terms of this “coming true”  or think this will show you the future as it will actually unfold, then the whole thing simply will not work. But if you can work abstractly and symbolically (as is the case with any premonitions or intuitive work, tarot included) then I really think this exercise will turn on some insights for you.

Set aside a few hours that you can be by yourself without noise or anyone disturbing you. Set the mood for meditation if you like…candles, music, aromatherapy…whatever makes you feel the most relaxed, open, spiritual, meditative, mystical…and confident enough that you can be really honest with yourself.

Make yourself comfortable (but no so comfortable that you fall asleep. Sit rather than lie down would be best) Now just use your imagination. Remember this is imagination for insight and learning…not divination.

Close your eyes, and imagine. Imagine meeting **** just whenever it happens to work out for you, let it happen in its own time, don’t force it. Imagine that first meeting, FEEL it. Does it feel like you would progress in the relationship? Does it feel like a relationship that is natural, and meant to be or does it feel forced or contrived in any way? Imagine how it would go if you dated. How does that FEEL? Imagine if you were married. How does that feel?

Let your imagination just come to you. Let it play out…DON’T force it or direct it. Just WATCH it unfold like you were watching a movie or a tv show. When it comes to a natural end…and it will…open your eyes. Take a few deep breaths, look around a little bit with your eyes open. Adjust so you can be comfortable again if you need to do so. Then close your eyes again…

Again, don’t force or direct your imagination…just WATCH what your mind tells you. Your heart and spirit will whisper to you through your imagination.

This time imagine that the two of you never meet. What if you allow yourself to get frustrated because of this X day hang up and give in to this un-necessary sense of desperation. Watch your life play out on that path. What do you see? What do you FEEL? Is there an important someone else out there? Or is there an emptiness where **** should be?

Now compare the two feelings…NOT the details of what you saw…compare your  emotional reactions to the two very different paths you imagined. Which path felt right? Which path attracted you? Which path repulsed you? Which path held regrets and mistakes? Which path showed you how to get to the love and life you want?

Give the meditation a try. I really think that the key to all of this for you is not a certain day, not if you ever meet **** or not. I think the real lesson here is learning to listen to your heart without getting tripped up on predictions, premonitions and details. Love doesn’t conform to human calendars, ever. Never has. If you care about **** for who he is, then when you meet doesn’t matter. If you are attached to him for no other reason than the day you met, the universe may be trying to save you some big heartache by throwing these roadblocks in your path.

Look at it from his side too. Is really fair to **** to lead him to think you love him as like a mate, when such a big portion of this is tangled up in a two + year old vision? Isn’t his well being & his emotions more important than having a premonition be true? Get over the premonition and be real with yourself about him, and be honest with him about how you really, deep down feel. The meditation will help you discover what that deep down feeling really is. If you love this man enough to marry him, the premonition means nothing. If you don’t love him, then you need to be honest with him about how you do feel. And be honest with yourself too. Follow the love, not the vision.

I also teach people how to read Tarot and develop their intuition. If you have any questions about the visualizations or if you want to work with Tarot as a way to grow your intuition-reading skills, please don’t hesitate to get back in touch or visit the “learn tarot” page on the website.

Best Wishes to you and to **** both