May Reading of the Month

This is a new layout that blends “Card of the Month” readings with my “Seasons of the Year” card with the shorter time focus that Kate, my Menage A Tarot colleague, uses in her weekly readings. This new reading will post  on the first Sunday or Monday of a month, and draw a card for each full week of that month. Each individual card gives a general theme or guiding thought for that week, just like each card in the “Seasons of the Year” layout gives guidance for each three-month season of the upcoming year.

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Reading for the Merry Month of May

May 1 – 7: Strength


Spring is on a roll here in the Norther Hemisphere, and it feels like lots of energy is in store for the week. You’ll need your strength to keep up (or in the Southern Hemisphere, to keep up with the bustle of harvest time) The major arcana often has lessons in store, so the activity of this week may serve to show weak spots, show areas of life or personal development that might need a little care and tending, much as the woman on the card seems to be tending to the lion. Your strength needs its due attention and care to remain just that – strong.

May 8-14: The Hanged Man


This week continues along the same flow, but instead of much needed rest, the parts that need attention are less of a sore spot, and more of an annoyance. It is an energy environment that may foster impatience. You may be feeling like it’s “enough of the TLC already” and be chomping at the bit to get going. The advice here is to relax and chill, wait it out and watch for the right time. Watching and planning IS doing something even though this week it might not FEEL that way. If you find yourself hitting road block after roadblock, kick back and wait for a way to become clear.

May 15 – 21: Ace of Wands


Here things shift. Energy winds blow, like the clouds behind the hand on the card. All the care-taking will take effect, and all the pent up energy from last week has a place to flow now. Creativity is on the breeze. What projects have you put off that need a breath of fresh air, or what problems need a look from a new angle? This is a good time to shift your point of view and see things from a different direction to shake loose creativity and get things started anew

May 22-28: Four of Swords (reversed)


There is a little bit of a Chariot-like ‘pay attention’ here, but to a much less intense, much more internal sense. With all the movement and doing energy from the last week, it is easy to run rough-shod over subtle feelings, intuition, quiet inner stirrings. The advice here is to pay attention to what you are doing…on the inside

Summary: The overall energy of the month is just that…energy. It feels like wanting to run, but repeatedly crashing into an unseen patio door. Take just a tic, just a breath to stop, watch, listen and feel – then flow instead of running and bashing to make it through the month a little more intact.

The monthly readings, like everything here, are about personal learning and navigating the eddys and currents in life’s energy…not about predicting the future. These cards might resonate with you, or they might not. I draw the cards with the hope and intent that they will bring the highest and best to the most people possible, and help at least one someone. That accomplished, all our efforts are worth it.