The Most Sacred Place of Them All


Buddha Doodles Deck of Cards by Molly Hahn.

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I recently did a reading with a lovely lady who was remarkably well traveled. She had visited and explored all sorts of places from Glastonbury Tor to Incan Temples, Hawaiian beaches to the Great Pyramids. She had been to extraordinary, magical, sacred places. Yet she still hadn’t fully explored the most sacred place of all…


Every place is deeply connected. Every place is seamlessly and fully a part of the Cosmos as a whole. Yes, tombs and temples, beaches and mountain tops are deeply sacred, moving, special places.

So is your own apartment.

Or back yard, local park or the landromat down the street.

The journey to the sacred seldom involves actual travel. The journey to the sacred is the process of learning to see the magic and grand connections that are right in front of our eyes.