When Will I Find Love?

Q: When will I find love?

A: Right here, right now

Your cards:

Queen of cups
Knight of Coins
The queen of cups symbolizes looking within for wisdom (happiness, love of self, love of others) not from external sources. If you want love in your life, then love – now – here. If you love yourself and others then love is a pert of your life instantly. Love and happiness can never come to you from someone else.

If by love you mean a serious romantic relationship, the same advice still applies. For a relationship to be anything more than superficial or shallow, it has to be between two whole, complete, able-to-love people. The notion of one person filling or completing another is fiction, a poetic way of describing a feeling, not the reality of a lifetime.

The knight of coins represents perception. The factual, objective amount of water in a glass doesn’t change, but your feelings, your world, how you react to the world changes profoundly depending on how you perceive that glass. Thinking of it as half full vs half empty changes everything. Try it. Literally try it. Look at a glass of water…coffee, anything. Think of it as half gone. Look to your emotions, your gut feel. How do you feel after the empty thought? Now look at that same glass. Think of it as half full. Feel with your heart, gut and bones. What change do you notice? Mind is a powerful thing. Shift your perception, change the world. If you see yourself as un-loved or un-lovable, it is a slow, insidious defeat. See yourself as a happy, loving, giving, engaged person and everything improves in an instant.

The magician has to do with transformation, manifestation. It is a spiritual law that like attracts like. If you want love in your life…then love. Feel it. GIVE it. Love is the ultimate never-ending appetizer special…the more you use, the more you give, the more you take in….the more you have. Don’t wait around for Love like it is the next bus in an unreliable transit system. If you want happy, loving people in your life, then be a good, happy person…and good, happy people will naturally gravitate to you. Love, and love will naturally gravitate to that too.  Abraham Lincoln was right “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be”. Happiness…and love…comes from inside you. Not from outside sources. All you have to do is choose it and it is there.

When will you find love? The exact moment you look inside and find it there waiting for you.




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