Non-Zombie Cats

I adopted Zombie Cat.

He’s not a real cat, of course, but the cartoon notion of a zombie cat as a result of a “Both” result from Schrodinger’s thought experiment (see zombie cat post from April 2015) makes me smile. It’s comic, it’s fun and I like so Zombie Cat is MINE baby! That, plus my family is way allergic to the real thing, so Zombie Cat is a good as it gets for pet cats at our house.


That being said, I’m pretty interested in a new project here in Pittsburgh. The Black Cat Market is coming! I’m ok with a place where you can go have a cup of coffee keep the allergic ones isolated in the people room and go visit some furry friends in the cat room. Plus the cats are adoptable. So supporting this new business is at the same time supporting animal rescue. Not a bad thing in my mind. If you have a mind to support a place with a super cool logo and a kickstarter campaign, you can get the “mews” about Black Cat MarketĀ HERE.

And being unable to resist a gratuitous cat photo:


Meet my neighbors cat Trixie. I got to take care of her and her bum leg last summer for a few days. Way more of a treat for me than it was for her, no doubt.


I just realized…Zombie Cat is over a year old! It’s rough being a fictional cartoon character…people forget your birthday quite a lot.

To celebrate, “Zombie Cat’s Crazy Crap Predictions” are free by e-mail for one day only (May 20, 2016) to anyone who follows the following instructions:

  1. send your name (or nickname) and one yes-or-no question to with the subject line “Happy Birthday Zombie Cat”.
  2. Give permission to use an anonymous version of the reading in the blog (use a nickname and I won’t even know who you are)
  3. Allow a couple of days for delivery in case a lot of people respond
Zombie cat’s crazy crap predictions are entertainment only. They have a 50% chance of being dead wrong and a 100% chance of provoking a thought of some kind or another