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Happy Belated Birthday Zombie Cat!

Ideas are a real, legit thing. So if fictional characters are somebody’s idea, I get it that fictional characters can take on a certain reality to the writers who tell their story. Notice I didn’t say ‘the writers that made them up’. There is a certain sense of ‘other’ or ‘outside’ that comes from the process of taking that idea from inside your head out into the big wide world of written words. I understand that on a whole new level now that Zombie Cat has come along.

Elizabeth Gilbert captures the sense of it in her lovely TED Talk about creative muses.¬†Fictional characters take on a life of their own with their authors all the time. Just listen to JK Rowling talk about Harry or read Stephanie Meyers‘ story of how Edward and Bella began as a dream. Part of me is convinced Don Shimoda from Richard Bach’s “Illusions” is physically real…from a metaphysical perspective he IS.

I wonder if that is the source of that sense of ‘other’ that we Tarot readers have in the way we talk about “The Cards”. Realistically, Tarot cards are bits of heavy paper with artwork printed on them. Potent, beautiful, symbolic artwork…but just pretty pictures nonetheless. Still, even though we know it isn’t the literal case, we still talk about the cards as if they were a character in a book…a cohesive, communicating being or at least the mouthpiece for some higher dimensional cohesive being, no matter how we label that extant, other being-thing…be it ‘spirit’ ‘energies’ ‘guides’ or what have you. We talk about that quite a bit in the Menage A Tarot Podcast. Excellent stuff, that, so please explore the archives either on the website or on iTunes

Long story short – I’m celebrating Zombie Cat’s year and a month of existence by giving a FREE Zombie Cat Tarot reading (3 cards – one yes/no question) to everyone who correctly does the following today only (May 20, 2016):

  1. Send your name (or nickname for privacy) and your yes/no questions to
  2. Put Happy Birthday Zombie Cat in the subject line
  3. State that I can use an anonymous version of the reading in the blog
  4. Stay tuned to the blog and to your email for your answer
  5. Be patient – if lots of people send questions it may take a bit to get through them all


All requests received after midnight eastern time (USA) May 20, 2016 will be charged the usual price of $5.

Zombie Cat readings are entertainment only. They have a 50% chance of being dead wrong, and 100% chance of provoking a thought of one kind or another.


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