Personal and Unique, Always

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Zombie Cat birthday special! These two readings especially caught my attention. They are a great example of how versatile and personalized even the simplest reading can be. Sure, it is pure math on one hand: three card positions, with 78 possible cards for the first position, 77 cards possible for the second (since there are no duplicates in the deck) and 76 for the third is, well, more possible combinations than I care to try and calculate. But on the other hand, it is synchronicity and resonance and (to my mind) a function of the one-ness of the cosmos. No matter how you break it down, if you put the math plus spirit plus synchronicity together then you get a unique and meaningful reading person. Thank you to these lovely people for sharing their readings with us so we can see the contrast between the unique answers to superficially similar questions. 

Q: Will I fall in love again?

Your Cards Are:

  • ace of swords
  • ace of coins
  • 8 of coins


Other things go consider:

Naturally there is no way to know when or with whom you will fall in love again. I’m assuming you mean a serious romantic relationship when you say love, but I suspect the cards are hinting, too, at that bigger answer no one wants to face. Love is that, but so much more. Will you fall in love again? Of course! I bet there is SOME thing or SOME one that you love right this very minute. The trick is finding that love and not limiting your idea of love to one tiny expectation. Love is a big, big thing. I don’t know if it’s true, but you know how they say that the greek language has a bunch of different words for the word “love” to capture some of its enormity and complexity. That idea very much applies here…and is shown in the ace of swords. It means awakening. Don’t shove your love in a shoebox. Love your favorite music. Love your favorite dessert. Love your family. Love your friends. Love yourself. Love life. Do that and you will find love again in about half a second. And that exact joi de vie is the light that will attract the romantic love that you originally meant.



Q: Will I find someone who loves ma and that I will love back?

Your cards:

  • ace of cups
  • 2 of swords
  • 5 of wands

A: no

And here is why…and what you need to do to change no to yes….

Do you like to read? It’s an older book from the 80s, but if you can get your hands on a copy of “Bridge Across Forever” by Richard Bach it might be just what you need. In it it talks about if you aren’t finding your “soulmate” it is probably because you still have things to do, lessons to learn, life to live as a single person first…which is important stuff because those are the exact things that get you ready to be the perfect match for your soulmate…gets you ready for your part in the good stuff. The ace of cups very much speaks to the inner world and feels like it hints that more learning and growing is needed to make the romantic part of life just right for you. The 2 of swords has to do with connecting with spirituality and a very high level kind of connection and learning. Maybe finding your love is your lesson in doing that. Five of wands is ‘confusion’ …clear advice that to find your soulmate, you first have to know what you are looking for. “Blurry” comes to mind here. Clear up in your mind and heart exactly what you want and hope for yourself. If it is not physical – good for you for starting with the important stuff!! But know the character traits and energies you want in your life-mate and life-love. Physical apperance and attraction is a real part of it too…don’t bury your head in the sand about that…so throw in some ideas about the perfect hottie while you are at it.

So will you find love in the place you are at mentally and spiritually right now? Probably not. But do what you need to do…learn, grow, travel through time…that no becomes a big fat yes in a time and a place and a way that is perfectly right for you AND for your love.


See the difference? Both questions ask about finding love, but the answer, general as they seem, fits the energy flow in a way that both people recognized and resonated with. They each thought the varied answers fit them well. Nothing is one-size-truly-fits-all, Tarot isn’t the right thing for every person or every question, but it is hard to deny Tarot’s overall utility and versatility.


These are good examples of e-mail readings. E-mail is my specialty – no appointment needed – and they are exactly identical to the readings I give in-person. If we had worked face to face, I would have told them the exact same thing I typed to them here.

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