9 of Coins: The Joy of the Make


Find something that you love to do.

You needn’t be the best at it for the love of that thing to set you free.

One could argue that making and learning are the cure for both stress and boredom. A physician I used to work for once said that a job is as good as therapy, except that it pays you instead of the other way around. Making something or learning something just for the sheer unadulterated fun of it is a deeply satisfying thing to do. So what if the sweater you knit has one sleeve longer than the other? You learned how to make a sweater! If you enjoy the process of it, who cares if the stitches aren’t even? So what? Doing something, anything productive, engages us with like-minded people who share our interests. That lifts spirits. Enjoyable, easy, repetitive activity (drawing, running, gardening, what-have-you) are deeply relaxing, akin to meditation. DO something you love and it is part of BEing the kind of person you want to be.


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