Three Way Matchmaking

“My Side of the Table” is a category of posts that give you a peek behind the scenes, and takes a look at DOing Tarot readings rather than just posting a  reading itself. For more behind the scenes information about the Modern Oracle process,  please watch for a new revised edition of my e-booklet “Modern Oracle: Hello” coming soon.

It’s a little like speed dating.

When we want guidance from Tarot, many times it is out of high emotion, or the result of some hurt or need. That is what Tarot is about…finding direction and solace in times like that. There is a certain panic in feeling directionless. No one likes feeling helpless or out of control. When we are in a mental place like that we want to make a Tarot match and get help – pronto. Which begs the question of how do you match the right reader with the right sitter with the right kind of reading and fast?

Finding a really important answers is never easy on either side of the Tarot reading table. As a reader, I want the Tarot session to be at its absolute best for the people who come to me. Making sure of that is a little bit of a weird process. Or at least a narcissistic one. To get the most out of my intuition and do right by my clients, I need to seek out a comfortable, confident place both mentally and physically. It’s a three-way match to make: the sitter’s need’s, my need’s and the external mechanics of it all.

That’s why I try to steer people toward e-mail readings whenever possible. Thanks to the modern technology (computers, smart phones, e-mail, Skype =modern. Tarot = oracle. Get it?) I can deliver a more concise, more sophisticated, more articulate reading with typing than I can just speaking. The basic information is identical…EXACTLY the same either way. The only real difference is the written form is more organized and a bit easier to follow. To my way of thinking, a clear and concise message is a better way to help. As those of you who have listened to Menage A Tarot well know, I have a tendency to sputter and babble like a lunatic at times. That’s what happens when the writer/editor part of my brain tries to put a move on the goulash of impressions that the intuitive/tarot reader part of my brain wants to spew out NOW. E-mail lets me do both. E-mail lets me be in my best, most comfortable, most confident  mental & intuitive flow. It let’s me do my best work to meet the sitter’s needs the quickest.

Matching current technology with old wisdom meets a lot of practical, physical-realm needs too.

For example, I recently did a reading for a single mother with two very young children and a full time job. It would have taken a week to get the reading to her if we tried to work in person and find a time when she was off from work, plus could get a babysitter. With e-mail she had the reading within 6 hours of ordering it. Easy.

Another client was worried about getting a reading near where he lived and worked. He didn’t want to hide anything per se, but he wanted privacy. The only reader around was near his place of business. He didn’t want his co-workers seeing him “going to the psychic.” E-mail solved that problem. Easy and private.

Yet another client lives in a very rural area. She said she drove over an hour to see a psychic once. E-mail solves that problem too. Easy, private and convenient – and no travel.

E-mail is easier to accept for a lot of people after a live session because they have met and trust the reader. I’ve worked flip-flopped, always with good results. It was  like an experiment testing the validity of e-mail readings being the same as in person. We did e-mail readings then later on did a reading in person. Thanks to their kind feedback, I’m certain that e-mail and in-person Tarot readings are identical in quality and information. Yeah, grammar and organization might suffer a bit in the heat of the moment, but in the long run it’s all good – so why not do it the fast and convenient way from the beginning?

Then there is the cool factor. Thanks to this modern way of doing things, I’ve been able to work with clients in Canada, Great Britain, India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand and other exotic places…like Texas.  There is no way outside of the Internet where I’d be able to visit all of those places and do readings with some really cool, insightful people.

Easy, convenient, private: Sounds like a good three way match to me

Come back tomorrow for more matchmaking, Tarot style.